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Does your child love to sing? Please let us hear from you!

Our next audition is September 5, 2019.

Please sign up if your child would like to audition for a place in the Arlington Children’s Chorus!

The Arlington Children's Chorus is open to all children with unchanged voices* in grades 2 through 12 in the Washington, DC Metropolitan area and welcomes diversity and singers of all levels. Limited scholarships are available.

*An unchanged voice generally refers to boys whose voices have not yet changed nor begun to change and are still singing only treble. Unchanged boys’ voices sing soprano or alto, while changed boys’ voices sing tenor or bass.

Helpful Hints for Your Audition

    • Bring a love of singing!  Sing whatever you wish; no prepared material is necessary

    • Sing with a light head voice, not a "Broadway chest voice"

    • Attend an Arlington Children's Chorus Concert or Rehearsal

Auditions are held 2-3 times per year.

We look forward to meeting you!