Join us in our love of singing.


Supporting learning through music and performance.



Singing and music enhance the world in countless ways. The Arlington Children’s Chorus includes music education in all rehearsals, even encompassing lessons in math and foreign languages. Our teacher education component will serve as a 'living laboratory' for future teachers and chorus directors. The benefits of music are endless, and enrolling your child in the ACC will make a difference now and down the road.



Working in a team fosters creativity and learning while developing responsibility and awareness of others. Our choristers learn to be good stewards of the community in which we serve, teaching our children to be grateful and appreciative and to offer service to our community.



Our children create lifelong social bonds and networks while having a wonderful time together. The reward is seeing the kindness our children show to one another, especially the older students helping the younger and new choristers feel at home. Reliance and trust in others and others trusting and relying on you.. these are just some of the benefits our children learn while developing life skills.



One of our principle goals is to instill a love for performance and social outreach. Many varied performance opportunities bond our forces while serving others. All tiers have the opportunity to perform at least three times per season, while the Bel Canto tier performs more often. We proudly are a ‘Children's Chorus in Residence’ at The John F. Kennedy Performing Arts Center in Washington, D.C. where we perform in the Nutcracker Ballet... seven times… annually.


Today’s students.
Tomorrow’s leaders.

Learning, thriving, growing. Having an open mind and willing heart towards each other and their community. That’s the impact we strive for every rehearsal, every performance and every day.